Great game if you have a love for dogs and have a heart and a mind to do it!and read my reveiw its really good in info!

User Rating: 9 | Nintendogs: Dalmatian & Friends DS
Great game I love dogs soooooooooooooooooo much and it hade a lot of dogs I already like on there and the other ones are exactly the same just different dogs to start out with and once you start going once you get further you will find new and fun entertaining things new breeds new items and much more!the only thing that stinks is you can only have 8 different dogs 5 at the hotel and 3 at home which stinks for people like me that have to many favorite dogs and can only get like have of the ones they want.Now you get money to buy toys food games accesories and new homes etc... but to get the mony you need to have a dog (duh that is the whole point of the game dogs!)and then you do some kind of contest and if you get 1st 2nd or 3rd you will get a trophy and money and the higher level you are the more money you will receive and only certain dogs are good for certain contests TRUST ME! and also dogs are not free and if your on a stroll with your dog and you find a piggy bank go home and through it you will get a little mony NOW FOR THIS CRAZY THING THAT HAS NEVER HAPPEND TO ME AND I DIDN'T THINK WOULD EVER HAPPEN MY FRIEND TOLD ME SHE HAD THIS DOG THAT WAS MEAN AND RUDE TO HER OTHER DOGS AND IT ACTUALLY PEED ON THE CARPET SO I GUESS IT WAS A REALLY NOTTY PET oh and bark mode is where you can see other dogs and they are real owners from some where and if they have a dog or you have a dog that each other dont even have where you can buy it and you see it from another trainer it will show up and say somthing too oh and they say if you walk on bark mode and you walk around your house you will eventually find someone!Oh and you can also train your puppies and love on them and pet them it is in awsome game!Hope this hwelp your decision on buying the game and if you do tell me on here and thanks for reading the whole reveiw by!