it is a pretty good game when you start to get the good items so you can entertain the dogs by goin to the park (>_

User Rating: 9 | Nintendogs: Chihuahua & Friends DS
it is one of the most addicting games i have and i have quite a few games in the game you must name youre dog whitch gets quite anoying when youre voice cracks or changes because if it changes youre dog wont recognise youre voice and also the built in pictochat finder doesnt let you chat to people but lets you know when people are in the chatrooms my all time fave part of the game is tryin to get the real rare items on the walks the worst part bout the game is if its too late youre dog falls asleep so i hope you go to bed early the so far badest thing is whatever dog you chose will have a good contest and a bad if youre dog is natrually bad at a ceartain contest the you will have to work real hard but with alot of work it will end up gettin better but over all this game is a realy good game and you will have alot of good fun playin it its perfect for the kids who's parents wont buy them dogs