nintendo's little guyz ah so cute XD.

User Rating: 8 | Nintendogs: Lab & Friends DS
nintendo dogs labordor and freinds the game was made in august 2005. the game is not that great fun simulator but the problem is u cant train your dog to kill other dog and u cant train it to eat reese's peices and whoppers :(. besides the point the games diffuclty is pretty easy all u do is just take it and feed it and train it u get to choose from 3 events to take your dog to the disc trail the obedeance trail and the agility trail. but the bad part about it is that u can only do the events 3 times a day which makes the game alot more boring . at the beginging of the game u are givin a tutorial to your dog about the basics of training and such after u get done with the tutorial u now get to use this game however the game is kinda like a mmorpg game the fact that u can quote on quote level up your dog by taking to parks and places when u take it for walks u also pick up stuff along the way like water bottles food. the control is really bad the microphone is like a cuting edge trash can but game is good overall. last question is this game a to buy or rent game its nethier just buy a canibalist rabies dog.