It could of been the best game on the DS, but it wasn't. oh well, it's still one of the best on the DS!

User Rating: 7.5 | Nintendogs: Lab & Friends DS
Good Stuff:
. lifelike, almost real-seeming puppies.
. One of the best animal-caring-for-games out there.
. Quite a lot to do.
. Verrrrrrrrrry realistic.
. Contests.
. Teaching your puppy tricks.
. A wide range of breeds to choose from.

Bad Stuff:
. You MUST play it pretty much every day.
. The almost impossible to do tutorials at the start of the game.
. Only allowed to keep 3 dogs at home at a time.
. Having to walk one dog at a time.

Those "Bad Stuff" points are what are keeping this game from being the best DS game. The main two are the first two. Seriously, the tutorials at the start are near impossible and the first time I played on it, I was stuck on them for AGES. I mean you have to call your dog it's name about 100 times and then it says "Your puppy has forgotten it's name bla bla bla" Or something like that. The fact that you must play the game once pretty much every day makes it more of a choir then a game. I'm just saying if those "Bad Stuff" wern't on the list, then this would be the best DS game by far.

Here's the summing up:

Graphics: Some of the best graphics on the DS! I mean, have you seen those cute puppies?! 10/10

Story: It doesn't REALLY have one, to be honest. N/A

Sound&Music: The sounds of the dogs barking and other stuff are very realistic, and the music's very catchy too! 10/10

Gameplay: see "good Stuff", "Bad Stuff" and the summary. 7.5/10

Overall: This game could have been the best on the DS, but the bad things in this game keep it from being that, but it's still highly reccommended for people who like animals and have a DS! 7.5/10