Great Game!!!!

User Rating: 10 | Nintendogs: Lab & Friends DS
Ok this game was the first game I ever got for my Nintendo DS. It did not leave my DS for a very long time because it is extremely addicting! This game has tons of depth and uses all of the Nintendo DS's features including the microphone. There are like a billion different breeds on here to choose from and it is a ton of fun teaching them to sit, shake, roll over, lie down, and lots more. You can also meet up locally with a friend which is a ton of fun but pretty boring. There are tons of items to collect on here when you take your dog on a walk which is a ton of fun also. You must go on once or twice a day because this game runs on the DS clock so it runs on real time which is pretty neat. If you do not go on for a while your dogs will get dirty and fleas so it is a good idea to take care of them daily. It is also rumored that if you leave it in you DS for a certain amount of time and do not go on your dog will run away and come back with a present. I still own this game and I have had it for like two years and I don't plan on turning it in anytime soon because I still enjoy playing it a lot. There are also contests you can enter with your dog like obedience trials, disc throwing and catching competitions and and obsticle course you have to take your dog on. I think I have covered most of this game I will add more when I think of it.