Ever wanted to tuck your puppy into your pocket? If you do, then how weird... But anyway, now you can thank to Nintendo!

User Rating: 9 | Nintendogs: Miniature Dachshund & Friends DS
And so Nintendo arrives to hand out better technology, now especially for non-dog owners!
This game is a great experience for players who don't have a dog.
Now you can play fetch, enter your dog in tournaments, teach it tricks/commands, and even go out for a walk without getting of the couch!

Anyway, this game has VOICE SENSOR so that the dog does what you tell him/her what to do. Also, this game is a TOUCH GENERATION game, which means that you mostly use the touch screen in this kinds of games. And one more thing, this game is on the VIRTUAL LIFE category, which means, this is a more addictive game that may make you want to play a lot more with this game. In fact, this game has made me spent more than a 100 hours playing it.

This game is worth buying, you won't regret.
As a gamer myself, I highly recomend this game for players.