Not just a tech demo

User Rating: 9 | Nintendo Land WIIU
Nintendo Land is a compilation of 12 minigames called 'attractions'. Each one is based on a Nintendo franchise, eg zelda. All of the minigames are charming and exciting, each showcasing something sbout the gamepad. For example, in yoshi's fruit cart, you need to draw a line to collect all the fruit. But you can only see the fruits on the tv and the line on the gamepad. This forces you to coordinate, and is very fun. This is just a single example of a minigame. Completing every minigame is very difficult and takes loads of practice, increasing the lasting appeal of Nintendo Land. There are 6 multiplayer attractions- 3 co-op 3 competitive. Each is a blast. The competitive ones especially make creative use of gamepad and wiimotes together. In Luigi's Ghost Mansion, one person, who is the ghost, looks at the gamepad and four people look at the tv. The people with wiimotes are all luigis who must capture the ghost, who is the gamepad player. But the ghost is not visible on the tv. However, the gamepad player looks at the gamepad so that he/she can se him/herself. Whoever you play as, it's one of the most fun experiences I've had all year in games. Sadly, there are no competitive options in the remaining six minigames, but they are great fun anyway. Nintendo Land is the first game you should buy for your wii u, and not just because it showcases its capabilities.