Nintendo Land brings great mini-games for everyone, with some of the great game series in Nintendo

User Rating: 8.5 | Nintendo Land WIIU
Nintendo Land for the Nintendo Wii U is a video game that contains 12 mini-games into one blu-ray like disc, which contains a variety of gameplay. The gameplay of Nintendo Land differs on each individual game, but uses the Wii U gamepad and Wii Remote Plus, some make you team up and fight enemies, against each other and 1 player mode only, like The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest after beating all standard mission on team up mode, you get extra mission, in which is more harder and challenging, Mario Chase is like hide and seek, where Mario (whoever using the gamepad) is trying to avoid getting tackle by toads and solo game modes (1 player only) like Yoshi's Fruit Cart, where you have to look up the screen where the fruit and trap are and do it on the gamepad, where there's nothing on it. The graphics in Nintendo Land are much more shiner and more detail than previous "Mii" related game to date as you can see the textures very clear and clean. The sound in Nintendo Land is most the same as you play that game, still has that familiar tone. Overall, Nintendo Land is a great way to learn to play the Wii U and had fun playing with your family and friend, because this game has no online multiplayer, but have Miiverse integrating, meaning you can see what the other user saying about the game. Come with the Nintendo Wii U (black) deluxe edition.

Gameplay: 9- From using Wii Remote Plus and the Wii U Gamepad, some games in Nintendo Land are fun and engaging.

Graphics: 9- More detail and very smooth 3d model and beautiful colorings.

Sound: 8- Same great sound tracks from the past Nintendo games.

Value: 8- Very fun, if you have a friend or partner, who live/often at your house, could had fun fighting against enemies or each others.