A great game to show what the Nintendo Wii U is capable of.

User Rating: 8.5 | Nintendo Land WIIU
When they announced the Wii U I was excited but yet a bit skeptical at the same time while it was a good idea I still think it can get stale just like motion controls have to some. After watching that E3 convention I was so excited and couldn't wait for the next E3 convention so they could show off the new games that were going to be on it, but to be honest I was quite disappointed with their E3 performance, they didn't really announce anything that we didn't already know about the system. The only things I got really excited for was Pikmin 3 and I still feel that they were holding out on details on it. As they got to the end of the conference they announced NintendoLand when I saw this game I thought it was just going to be a gimmick but that was actually false, the reason they made me think this way was again they didn't announce very much details about it and I think many fans felt this way, so anyway after E3 at a New York conference they ended up finally announcing the Wii U's price and the time it came out and also two bundles you could get with it, and they would announce that NintendoLand would come with the deluxe bundle which I ended up buying. So I finally got that Nintendo was fully behind this project because why would they sell it with their brand new console if they weren't, and it was definitely a Nintendo game worth getting.

NintendoLand is like an amusement park you have twelve attractions, I will talk a little about each one. First off we got Mario Chase you must have two players to play this one and I was a little disappointed that they couldn't at least put a CPU to play against but a minor gripe, this is actually a really fun attraction a simple concept yet so fun. The person who has the gamepad has a map of where everybody is on the map while the others must try and catch the person with the gamepad. There's not a whole lot to say about this one all I can say is its really fun. Next we got Luigi's Ghost Mansion it's got the same premise of Mario chase, one player is Luigi while there are 3 ghosts playing and trying to catch Luigi while like Luigi's mansion, Luigi must use his polterguster to catch the ghosts; sure it's similar to Mario Chase but its still fun and worth playing with other people. Next Animal Crossing, Basically the same premise as the other two. Three animals must collect fruit while the gamepad player controls the guard to catch them, not any points for being something new but it is still a very fun game.

Next we move on to the one player only games. First we have Takamaru's Ninja Castle This one is good, but kind of disappointing because there is only one stage, sure its long, but you know.., You must use the gamepad to shoot ninja stars at Ninjas, it's like those old arcade games with plastic guns except your obviously only using Ninja Stars but overall this one is a also a really fun one. Next we have Donkey Kong's crash course basically a big maze like level, you must use the gamepad to go through it using your wit, and making the right moves not moving too fast but not moving too slow either. This one is just another really fun one and is another one worth playing. Captain Falcons Twister Race, well this one's not that great, reason being that in most F-Zero games you are going at a very fast speed and this one not so much, you use the Gamepad to move side to side but I just find this one a little bit boring, it's alright just not that great. Balloon Trip Breeze, This one's alright too nothing really special but nothing that's too bad you use the gamepad to try and catch the balloons across a breeze, overall this one's alright. Yoshi's Fruit Cart I like this one but it's just a really small concept you draw a line on the gamepad for Yoshi to eat and go to a door to get to the next level, sure nothing too special, but for some reason I actually really like this one. Octopus Dance, Another one that isn't very original, but this one's not bad you must follow the moves of the computer by moving with the controller stick and by moving the Wii U Gamepad up and down, it's honestly not that bad I kind of liked It.

Next we have games you can play up to 1-5 players. First The Legend Of Zelda Battle Quest, This one is probably my favorite, you can either be an archer with the gamepad, or be a swordsman with the Wii remote, both are really fun and the Wii remote movement with the sword is really really accurate, they really perfected the motion controls on this one, The Archer one is really fun also just aim and shoot with the gamepad and it can actually be quite challenging and this one is just really fun. Next we got Metroid Blast, this one is also amazing there are 3 options to play with this one, you can stay in an aircraft and shoot enemies in it, or you can either play alone or against someone on foot and every option to this game is really awesome, this is also one of the best attractions on NintendoLand. Last but not Least we have Pikmin Adventure, all you can really say about this one is that it's pretty much Pikmin just a little bit of changes, but that's not a bad thing in fact this is good enough to hold you off for Pikmin 3 (come on Nintendo get on that) and this another one of the best attractions on this one, it's challenging also and again it's just really fun.

Overall I would have thought this would of just been a gimmick of a game but it's honestly not a lot of these attractions on these are really addicting and will have you coming back to them just to try to not only add new atmosphere to your park but to beat your high score and get better and beat every single level in each attraction. If you are planning to get this game, then you might want to play with friends don't get me wrong, this is a great game alone but you won't get the full satisfaction of this game alone.