Nintendo Land is very good for being minigame collection.

User Rating: 9 | Nintendo Land WIIU

Nintendo land is minigame collection. There are 12 minigames to play. 6 singleplayer games and 6 multiplayer games. Single player games are: Donkey kong crash course, Yoshi's fruit cart, Octopus dance, Balloon trip breeze, Captain Falcon's Twister race and Takamaru's ninja castle. Multiplayer games are: Metroin Blast, Pikmin Adventure, Zelda: Battle quest, Mario Chase, Luigi's Ghost Mansion and Animal Crossing Sweet day.


With the innovative Wii U controller it is fun to play all the games. You use touch screen, motion and two screen experience in all games. It is very fun.

Multiplayer games are very innovative like Luigi's ghost mansion where one player uses wii u controller to see other players playing as ghost and players who play with wii remote can't see the ghost and have to kill them with flash light. Luigi's mansion is only multiplayer game that is fun to play.

Mario chase is very boring and so is Animal Crossing Sweet day.

Metroid blast can be played by yourself or with others. I haven't tested multiplayer but single player is very challenging and fun.

Pikmin is too easy and Zelda: battle quest is too repetive.

Singleplayers are the best thing of this whole game so no need to worry if you don't have anyone to play with.

Yoshi's fruit cart is minigame where you have to draw ways to the goal but before that you have to collect all the fruit. You can't see fruits on the controller. They can be seen only on tv. This game is very challenging and kinda annoying but I like it. Moving fruits are very hard.

Octopus dance is minigame where you have to copy all the dance moves what the other character does. You use your analog sticks and motion thing of the controller. This is hard bnut pretty fun.

Thene there's DK crash course which must be the best minigame of the whole game. It is very hard and challenging but very fun!!!! You play by tilting the gamepad left or right.

Takamaru's Ninja Castle must be laborest and most boring minigame in the whole game. Sure it's most unique but it's repetive and sucks. You play it by throwing ninja stars with the controller and that's all you do. The game is not challenging at all(not counting the boss).

Then there's Captain falcon's twister race. First, the controls sucks. Why do I have to tilt the gamepad sideway? Why not in normal position? And you brake by touching the screen? Why can't you just press L or R? For the rest this game is pretty good. The game gets faster and faster as further you get. Spike balls are hard to dodge. Hmm...this is decent minigame.

Balloon trip breeze is nice. You control the character by flicking with touch screen on gamepad. It may sound clumsy but it is not. It is very easy to control the character. Game is like the original balloon trip but bit harder.


Graphics of this game are really good. All the detail and textures just looks amazing when you walk on the park. View distance should be better though.


Musics are from all the classic games. It really brings you back to the old days and that is what I like very much.

Lasting appeal:

This game lasts very long. There is so much to do like collection all the blocks, platinum trophies, stars and much more.


Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: 9/10
Music: 10/10
Lasting appeal: 9/10

+ music
+ innovative gameplay
-mario chase and pikmin