I think Ninja Gaiden game would be better if...

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Yosuke Hayashi learns and take notes from Metal Gear Rising

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I wish I could have fun while playing this game... I know people will probably just call me unskilled but the truth is I just love to have fun with games and this game looks amazing and for a ninja game its really awesome but its just too hard for me (even on easy... I wouldn't call it that tho) im sorry Itagaki but I don't think ill ever be good enough to be able to have fun playing any ninja gaiden
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If you're a 360 gamer Ninja Gaiden 2 is a good choice, on PS3 deffo get the original Sigma. Games are solid but reward mastery, once you get your groove on the game won't seem so impossible even on Master Ninja ;)

If you feel the defence style isn't your cuppa tea? Perhaps try Devil May Cry 3 which gives more variety, a HD collection came out which is an impressive port. Bayonetta as well 'which is more or less Devil May Cry 5' best recommended on 360.

TC mentioned MGR which is also a good pick regardless of your console. & though it's not as challenging, God of War III had a surprisingly decent combat system which off course is if you are a PS3 gamer.

Gotta love a good hack n' slash :)

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Hi, I played Ninja Gaiden since its out on XB and later at xb360, and most where really great games! O= exept of Ninja Gaiden 3 still.. <-< and also Razor Edge.. I just played 1st level and got SO Disappointed and stopped playing... its still NO Ninja Gaiden at all... I felt like playing a Dynasty Warriors hybrid... to many weak enemys.. instead of a few skilled/strong Enemys, like in Ninja Gaiden 1+2 it was. in Razor Edge, .. level designs looks still at average, and the camera still has stupid actings ...Enemys got boosted, and we have to play with a nerfed "SuperNinja" that have to LEARN all his skills...? Really cheap from Tecmo! Why Ryu forgot all his skills? o_O To many headhits at DoA5? lol for me, "Ninja Gaiden" 3 Razor Edge is the 1st most Epic fail game of this Year!! D: < Dear TECMO. Please make a REAL Ninja Gaiden. No damn Hybrids! >-