I hope Team Ninja...

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I hope Team Ninja fixes the problems the original NG3 had, or else this game won't do too well either.

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trust me... from what i saw, this Game is going to be better than the original NG3!!!!!! way more bonus content and stuff.

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I want to know how tight the controls are. NG1 and 2 had time controls with their combat systems. I feel this is imperative to the games success and whether or not I purchase it.

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I'm with sharpshooter188, as much as I love the idea of new weapons, ninpo, and characters that was not the games main flaw.

The combat just wasn't up to beat against Ninja Gaiden games before it, versions of 1 & 2 played so darn well and 3 didn't deliver in all respects because it was focused on quicktime events.