How is it?

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Anyone get a chance to play this yet? Saw it came out today and no player reviews yet 

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I love it... its way better than the original NG3!

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Same as TC, I've been eyeing this since playing the demo. Does it give the series justice, or just added onto an otherwise underwhelming game?

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I'm a few hours in and its been excellent so far as long as you liked the first two.

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It's actually  very good to me and what I expected NG3 to be in the first place. Since I didn't play the original , I don't have a tainted memory hampering the experience. The action feels crisp and challenging , the gore is even more intense than part 2 and the difficulty is back to the series' legendary status. Theres a reason it has already sold more than DMC...and it's a port smh.