Ninja Gaiden is to Action games as Final Fantasy 7 is to Jap RPG games. Revolutionary, and sets a new standard for games

User Rating: 9.8 | Ninja Gaiden XBOX
This is the kind of game that leaves you speechless from the very beginning to the very end, and when you finish it you will want to brag to everyone who hasn't played it that you played one of the greatest Action games of all time.

Same way people went around with ff7.

The graphics, sound, and gameplay are as good as they get. Graphically the best game youll be able to play current gen.

The story locks you into the game like no other with the help of the unbelievable cinimatics.

and you wont ever play a game with these kind of controls and fluidity because this is the first of its kind to play and look the way it does.

One of the greatests games so don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.