"Sweet Old School Action"

User Rating: 9.4 | Ninja Gaiden XBOX
Your entire village was slaughtered, the person you loved killed, and an evil sword stolen. What do you do? Why, kill everybody and everything that lives of course. Welcome to the world of Ninja Gaiden. Leading up to its release, Tecmo promised to bring back Old school action with DOA 3 visual. Does it deliever? In a word-Hell yeah.

Ninja Gaiden is an action adventure that features top of the line graphics, great controls, symphonic music, and an excellent hit combo system.The graphics in this game show what the Xbox is truly capable of. Everything looks beatuful. From the cascading Waterfalls to the menacing enemies, Everything is detailed in such a way you have not seen. The characters and cutscenes are all meticulously detailed. The music in this game plays nicley with rocking solos to clasical japanese music. The one complaint I have in this department is the voice-overs that sound kind of weird and out of place.

The gameplay is very enjoyable and youll appreciate the fact that you can pull off insane 100 hit combo's with the fluid combo system. Let me use this area to talk to you about the difficulty of this game. Lets see. You'll die. Alot. This is one of the hardest games I have played in recent memory and it definatly brings back the old school difficulty most newer games are missing. Every boss battle is epic as every enemy is likely to be many times larger than you. This leads to incredible white knuckled battles that will have you dying often. You will however feel great everytime you finally defeat an enemy that you couldnt beat before.

If youve been waiting for something to buy since halo was released, this s the game you want to buy. Oldschool fun and difficulty, youll have agreat time with Ninja Gaiden.