Ninja Gaiden is the greatest martial arts themed game ever

User Rating: 9.9 | Ninja Gaiden XBOX
The Ninja Gaiden games made their debut in the 1980s to 90s on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Back then they set a gold standard in cinematic and difficult gaming. And now the games developers “Team Ninja” have created a new game in the series that has (once again) revolutionalised third person action gaming and gave a you chance to play as a cool and very powerful Ninja character. Lets get this straight: Ninja Gaiden is a hard game. If one is going to review this game this is probably the first thing one has to mention. This game is rock hard, the enemies are smart, have attacks that can completely obliterate your health, and can use the same battle tactics as you can. The AI is incredible, the enemies know when to hit you with their most powerful attacks instinctively and can usually pull them off with little problem. There is light at the end of the tunnel, you can use the same tactics as they can, when you begin the game you have a plethora of moves that you can execute as long as you have nimble thumbs and, like them, they are incredibly powerful, especially the ones that you unlock throughout the game. But saying that you will only succeed in the game if you treat it with respect, much like learning a martial art you must learn the martial art of this game, it doesn’t patronise the user by making the beginning of the game easy, it expects you to master the intricate controls and learn the enemies attacks. This is easier said than done, because the AI is so smart but eventually you will “get” the game and feel almost invincible, until you meet the games bosses which are like checkpoints in the game. The reason for mentioning the games difficulty is because this is what turns most people off of the game, they start it and get completely creamed by the enemies because they haven’t “got” the game yet, most gamers will just turn the damned thing off and never return, but I urge you to ignore this temptation and continue. Now, with that out of the way I can get into the meat of the game. Ninja Gaiden is set in modern day Japan, you play against master Ninja Ryu Hyabusa, fans of the original game with recognise this man because he has been the lead protagonist in the game since the original. He is, without a doubt, the coolest Ninja ever, if you imagine every Ninja you have ever thought was cool, Ryu beats them by miles, his moves are so ridiculous that you can be found shouting words like “ownnnnned” at your screen when you hit one and successfully annihilate every enemy in sight. The story of the game basically boils to your average revenge plot, Ryus on a mission to kill the man who burned down his village and killed his family, from there the story unfolds. It introduces many other characters that are either there for simple aesthetics and those who move the plot, but unfortunately the game is without a solid one, you can probably guess what happens before it’s happened. This is kind of unfortunate considering that the originals were so influential with their usage of a story line in the past, but hey, this games focus isn’t on winning an academy award it’s on giving the player a riveting action experience throughout, which it does and then some. The games aesthetic qualities are unparalleled. The graphics in the game are quite simply amazing, it just looks fantastic. Everything in the game seems to have a shine to it, you can even see your reflection in the blood that has been splattered on the floor, everything moves at an amazingly smooth frame rate even when you are being ambushed by about 10 guys the game moves with an incredible pace, nothing slows down in this game, at all. The sound is equally cool, the game sports a staggering amount of clangs and hits from the swords and guns that are either wielded by you or fired at you. The music is exactly what you would expect, it’s a kind of dance music with traditional Japanese influences, which is about the only thing that users may not like about the game, when you are stuck at certain sections at the game (for instance the games occasionally ridiculously complex platform jumps) it is sometimes tempting to turn off the damned music. Overall Ninja Gaiden is probably the greatest third person action game out right now. It has absolutely no obvious problems and if you have ever wished for a cool game that you can kick the hell out of hundreds of enemies as a cool Ninja, this is definitely the game for you, if you can hack the difficulty. I’d recommend this to anyone that wants a challenge or just loves Ninjas.