Good game but very annoying with the quick time execution cut scenes!

User Rating: 6 | Ninja Blade X360
I just finished playing Ninja Blade. It was fun at first but once i got into it I became more annoyed by all of the QTE cut scenes and to top it off the only way to defeat the final boss is to find his "Todome" spot within a certain amount of time or else you will have to start fighting him again! Very Annoying! Games are suppose to be fun not to make you frustrated! The graphics are nice, colorful and doesn't look cartoon-ish. The background environments are good and you can smash alot of boxes and crates to find hidden stuff. The music goes well with the game play also. The back story wasn't nothing special but it was ok. I was mostly interested in the game play. I can't say that I had a great time playing this game but it had its moments. I liked the hack and slash game play, the fast pace action and using the turret guns and the tanks to shoot up those ugly mutants! All in all in would say that this is an alright game if you want to get a little hack and slash fix, but like I mentioned before, the quick time execution cut scenes took away from this game. 6 out of 10!