50% hack 'n' slash, 50% QTEs, 100% ridiculous

User Rating: 7 | Ninja Blade PC

Ninja Blade is about a life form that inhabits other life, takes over them and transforms them into merciless killing monsters. It proliferates, and can take many forms simultaneously yet has one mind, which wishes to rid the world of all other life. You are a part of a team of highly skilled super ninjas sent into the highly stylised, gritty Tokyo night to destroy the plague once and for all.

It features 9 stages of sprawling open corridor-like level design. The basic structure is: Jump around, run up walls, kill some trivial enemies using limited combos (heavy attack, fast attack), slash at a giant boss, hit the right button at the exact right time in super ridiculous, thoroughly satisfying QTEs which do not confine themselves within any earthly conception of physics or... generally making any fucking sense. Kill boss. Watch plot develop. Upgrade items. Next level.

Ninja Blade doesn't exactly do anything new but it does it all quite well. The QTE animation is incredibly impressive. It's like they've hired an incredibly enthusiastic 10 year old kid to describe each scene "AND THEN THE NINJA JUMPED UP TO THE ROOF AND STABBED THE FLYING TENTACLE IN BOTH EYES THEN JUMPED OFF HIS FACE AND CUT HIM IN HALF AND THREW HIM INTO THE SKY AND" then animated the shit out of it. It is a thoroughly entertaining game with an over the top plot developed well enough that I found myself actually taking it in.

The aesthetic is quite homogeneous compared to the more colourful Devil May Cry series. The fighting isn't quite as strong either, but there is still fun to be had here. Seemed to take about 6-9 hours. It's a lot of fun, but not exactly amazing. And kind of buggy towards the very end (I had to watch the last level on youtube as my character stopped responding).