A simple platformer with timed trials and a score attack mode that is hard to put down!

User Rating: 8.5 | Nin2-Jump X360
Cave's Nin2 Jump is exactly what I expected. Cheap fun. The game can be purchased for 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Arcade.

The adventure mode in the game is pretty short. 5 worlds of 10 levels with a boss in the 10th level of each world. The player has to collect all the scroll items which unlocks an exit at the end of the level. Upon beating a boss you typically learn a new skill.

You start off with jump and you learn new grapple and attack techniques. The grapple is self explanatory, but the attack mode is pretty unique. Based on the scrolls you pick up the player has a regenerating bar in which they can hit the right bumper and then run into the enemies to attack/kill them. Most enemies take 1 hit, others take 2 to 3 hits, and some are invisible and cost 1 life if you run into them regardless if you're in attack mode or not.

In the boss fights the player is either trying to avoid the boss and its attacks, or trying to damage it with the grapple + attack mode which is dependent on the skills you have obtained.

The score attack mode is where I've spent the majority of my time. In score attack mode there are items placed all over the 5 different worlds. The objective is to pick up the scrolls to keep your attack bar full and take out as many enemies as possible. While killing enemies the player is simultaneously raising a multiplier which is reduced upon losing a life. Once the multiplier reaches x1000 you can activate a bonus attack mode which enemies appear to multiply giving you the chance to collect an insane amount of points!

In both the adventure and score attack modes the player has 3 lives in which 2 can be exhausted before completing the trial. In the event that the player loses the 3rd life the trial resets or in score attack mode, the trial is complete.

The game is very easy to get 200/200 achievements within a couple of hours, so if you don't find the game particularly interesting (I'd check out the demo first) you can at least rely on that. It's worth the 400 MSP if you have any to spare and you're looking for something fun and for the most part easy (until the end). Nin2 Jump has both Japanese with English written underneath it, but all the menus are in English.

There isn't a 4:3 mode (sorry those who have arcade setups like myself! - I'm sure most of you would play it on a 16:9 widescreen anyways) but the game is compatible and easier with an arcade stick.

Now many ask if you can turn the audience off which the answer would be no. It may look annoying, but it never really gets in the way of the platforming/score attack. I sort of understand what Cave Co, Ltd. was going for. Generally in their shmups (espgaluda, mushihime-sama futari, dodonpachi, guwange, etc..) they try to get you to not only focus on the bullets, the enemies, and your hit box, but the terrain as well. This plays a major role in one of their other titles Guwange which has you mazing around the landscape while doing all the other traditional maneuvering that you would find in a shmup. I don't completely agree with their tactics, but I feel as if Cave is trying to purposely distract you from the platforming to make it a bit more difficult - giving it that maze around the landscape element that Guwange has but in a more weird sort of way.

At this point I'm spending all of my time in score attack now that I have 200/200 achievements. Bottom line: if you're looking for cheap fun, a competitive score attack mode, or easy achievements, Nin2 jump is definitely worth your 400 microsoft points.

For those reasons, I'd give the game an 8.5/10.