Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    There are 52 trophies total: 1 platinum trophy, 2 gold trophies, 7 silver trophies, and 42 bronze trophies.

    Pass 100 days in-game. 100 Nights
    Max out Eleanor's Affinity Lvl. A Piece of Happiness
    See the Lily afterstories. A Tomorrow for One and All
    Raise Aluche to Lvl 50 through Blood Offerings. A True Masterpiece
    Max out Muveil's Affinity Lvl. Aim for the Top
    Take Vol as a Servan. Ancient Wings Subduer
    Complete Chapter 5. Angel's Riddle, Demon's Prayer
    Take Dur as a Servan. Black Lizard Subduer
    Acquire all trophies. Conqueror of The Land Without Night
    Complete Chapter 2. Crossing of Water, Bonds of Blood
    Take Kaede as a Servan. Eastern Form Subduer
    Take Hexer as a Servan. Evil Shadow Subduer
    Slay 100% of fiends. Fiend Hunter (Advanced)
    Slay over 30% of fiends. Fiend Hunter (Beginner)
    Take Aile as a Servan. Fire Bird Subduer
    Take Nero as a Servan. Fire Cat Subduer
    Take Feuille as a Servan. Flower Spirit Subduer
    Complete Chapter 6. Frozen Throne of Tears
    Complete Chapter 3. Garden of Memory, Scent of Dreams
    Complete Chapter 4. Hidden Feelings Sleep Deep in the Earth
    Complete 50 sub-quests. Hired Hand (Advanced)
    Complete 10 sub-quests. Hired Hand (Beginner)
    Take Froid as a Servan. Ice Fox Subduer
    Take Dampf as a Servan. Iron Man Subduer
    Take Pitz as a Servan. Iron Needle Subduer
    Take Farfalla as a Servan. Night Butterfly Subduer
    Acquire Arnice as a Lily. One Who Stands with the Nightlord
    Take Spora as a Servan. Poison Spirit Subduer
    Complete Chapter 1. Ruined City in the Eternal Night
    Level up a Servan and evolve them. Servan (Evolve)
    Reincarnate a Servan. Servan (Reincarnate)
    Level up a Servan. Servan (Strengthen)
    Make a Servan undergo Ultimate Evolution. Servan (Ultimate)
    Take Perie as a Servan. Sky Fish Subduer
    Take Glanz as a Servan. Stone Man Subduer
    Max out Veruschka's Affinity Lvl. Thank You
    Raise Equipment Level to 30. The Alchemist (Advanced)
    Raise Equipment Level to 10. The Alchemist (Beginner)
    Max out Camilla's Affinity Lvl. The Best of Humanity
    Max out Ruenheid's Affinity Lvl. The Blade of Promise
    Collect over 100% of all items. The Collector (Advanced)
    Collect over 30% of all items. The Collector (Beginner)
    Complete Chapter 7. The Final Dream, the Final Wish
    See the ending in which Aluche dies. The Night that Ends
    See the ending in which Aluce lives. The Night the Slumbers
    Max out Liliana's Affinity Lvl. The Scent of Lavender
    Acquire all of Aluche's abilities. The Skill Master
    Take Scharf as a Servan. Thunder Wolf Subduer
    Open all treasure boxes. Treasure Hunter
    Max out Arnice's Affinity Lvl. Two Sides of the Same Coin
    Take Alice as a Servan. Western Form Subduer
    Complete the Prologue. With Reunion Comes Parting

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