Worst game I have ever played.

User Rating: 1 | Nightmare Creatures II DC
This is truly without a doubt hands down the very worst game that I have ever played in my life and here's why...I got this game for Christmas one year because my mom knew that I loved Resident Evil and she thought this would be on the same level as that. It failed in every way. First of all you can tell five minutes in this game that it is desperately trying to be like Resident Evil and don't get me wrong at first I was thinking to myself wow nice music and a creepy atmosphere this game might be pretty kick ass but again...I was let down. The graphics were horrible so pixelated and not smooth at all. Aside from that the controls were nothing more than a huge mess and fighting was about as boring as watching wet paint dry. The enemies were very stupid and most didn't even react to you killing them. The story sucked as well and had way to many plot holes. In conclusion do not rent this game, do not buy this game as a matter of fact don't even think about this game its that bad 1/10.