I just waisted 1 hour of my life.

User Rating: 1.1 | Night Trap: The Director's Cut PC
Ok, I "obtained" the PC version thinking it would be better quality then the Sega CD, 32X, or 3DO version. But no, I get a bigger screen, but the film quality is so grainy that you can barely make anything out on screen. Most of the time is just spent clicking between the rooms seeing if there are any bad guys to "trap" and one of these happens:

A. miss a trap opportunity and hear a bleep while saying "damn it!".
B. See nothing and continue to ponder just why the hell you're even still playing.
C. Just barely miss the opportunity when you switch to the room and say "GOD DAMN IT!" out loud.
D. You see them but you cant "trap" them because the bastards wont go into the right spot.
E. You see enemies and "trap" them.
F. You see the actors doing random crap.

As you can see, all of the above are stupid and boring as hell. But the part that bugs the **** out of me the most is you need to pay attention to the actors at times to get the code. That's right, you need to get a color code so you can use the trap system. If you miss the new code, you get the nastiest surprise when the meter is full and try to "trap" them but it says "DENIED". Then you need to guess which color it is. One time when you get the code every time I hear "Bleep.. bleep.......... bleep," letting you know you just missed 3 opportunities to catch some bad guys.

The second worse part about it is the code is randomized every time you play, so you need to figure out when they mention the new code so you can switch to it at the right time. Sometime you know you need to switch to hear the new code but you see some bad guys to "trap". You have a choice, and both are the wrong one. You switch to where they mention the code only to have the bleep mock you. Or you trap them but dont hear the code. Another part that sucks about the code is that it doesnt change right away. You need to wait like 10-30 seconds before the actor gets off of his/her ass to change it. I found this out the hard way when they mentioned the code, I changed it, and then I try to "trap" some bad guys. All I got was a "DENIED" and the f*ckers got away with that damn bleep.

The absolute worst part about this game is that it's just a memorization game. It's the world's worst Simon rip off ever. You need to remember when bad guys can get "trapped" where so you can "trap" them. And you know what? Some are just there to distract you. You think "I got him, I got him....." Only for him to walk off the screen and here a bleep or 2 while waiting for him. Even when you think you know it, some bleeps come in to rain on your parade.

I never got to disk 2 because of something with DOSBox, but I'll get it working sometime to rant on the story.