Now this is an interesting twist in horror movies into a game...

User Rating: 7.3 | Night Trap SCD
Night Trap is like being in a classic "B" horror movie. The whole idea behind this game is that you watch the people and monsters from the safety of a private area with security cameras aimed in different parts of a hourse that will be later filled with house guests, that have come here for a simple 1 night stay to relax. One little problem, there are also monsters roaming the area (Augers???) of the house as well, and you have to make sure they don't capture too many people. If they do manage to capture too many people, the game is over.

It's interesting to play a game that is totally FMV. I was rather surprised to see the SEGA CD able to produce a very "not-so-bad" quality video format. Even though it's only in 50 or so colors, it's still very good. Overall, you are mostly going to deal with FMV pretty much all the way through this game, so don't expect the game to have any side scrolling or some type of quest part of this game. This is all FMV play.

Gameplay isn't what you might expect from a game like this. You might think that you are suppose to shoot monsters or find objects to do certain things, but no, that is not the case here. The real idea of you, the player, is to TRAP the monsters that are located in certain parts of the house. Here's how it works. First off, all 8 areas of the house have a trp or 2 somewhere. The trick is, you first have to be viewing that room, second, there has to be a monster, and third you have to watch the little status bar (More like a motion detector) and wait for it to turn RED. When it turns red, press the action button to activate the trap and trap the monster inside. You do have to be careful not to trap normal people when you do this. While doing all this, you have to make sure not too many people fall victom to the monsters that will capture and turn them into monsters as well. You also have to not mistake military agents that are also dressed in dark outfits, as the monsters, for they also help you out a little as well. Oh, forgot to mention that at certain times, the code to use teh traps changes, so you have to know the right code to activate the traps when needed.

This is a very fun game to play, the real tricky part of this game is being in the right place at the right time, and capture as many monsters as possible without losing any house guests at the same time. What makes this game so interesting is that all the video was done all at once to give a very realistic feel to the game. So when you see someone moving from one room to another, you can literally follow them from one room to another. If you like being involved in a "B" horror movie but want to help make sure you save lives, this game might prove it's worth.