If you are trapped in a broken down fire department, your options are A. play this game B. burn yourself

User Rating: 1 | Night Trap SCD
You are wrestling with mutant werewolf Professional wrestlers. They tear you limb by limb and cut your fluids and drink your spleen
Hey, at least you didn't play this game.
This would be the best game on the Sega CD if it didn't have the M rating, the society of killing robbers and women, and horrible horrible sound, graphics and music taken out of the game. Then again, I'd still give it the same score.
The cutscenes in Zelda wand of gamelon are better than this! That is, while listening to a game gear version of Doom! EVEN Bubsy II for the game boy is better than THIS!
Digital pictures; hmmmm. Why did they make this game? Oh yeah, because they were all stupid people wearing blindfolds over their eyes, while developing a random game. Sega, sega, sega. How could you let something like this happen?
"Over 1 and a half hours of real audio" says the box art. Translation: "Over 1 and a half hours of playing a crazed psycho game where you have to kill women to win." A famous celeberty (I forgot her name), who starred in a famous sitcom (and later, after this game, would be something i'm not allowed to tell you on this website, and killed herself), was in this game.

Night Trap is the absolute worst game of 1993. It has made the esrb rating (it should have anyway), and has ruined live action cutscene videos. It is slighty more fun than taking a 24 year college exam at a broken down wasteland of sludge and goo! Don't even reccomend this game; are you going to? If no, I respect you. But if yes, I will despise you and send you poison crabcakes for the rest of your days.