This is suppose to be a video game, not a bad horror movie.

User Rating: 3 | Night Trap SCD
Ah, Night Trap, one of the Cult Classics of both movies and video games. The Grand Theft Auto of the early 1990s. However where Grand Theft Auto is a great game, winning numerous awards and earning a spot in Video Game history as one of the greatest games ever made, Night Trap fails miserably.

The plot of the game is standard B-grade Horror, a group of collage co-eds deside to have a slumber party at the home of the Martin Family, however according to urban legends once someone enters the Martin House, they never return. Enter SCAT (Sega Control Attack Team), whose mission is to discover the secret of the Martin House, and protect the college co-eds.

One of the worst areas is the actual game play. After seeing the opening scene, showing heavily armed SCAT members gearing up, the game goes down hill in every possible way. First the opening scene is incredibly misleading, the player's mission in the game is to hunt down and destroy a Vampire Nest that inhabits the Martin House, and you would gess from both the box art, and opening sequence, that you're going to be storming the Martin House with guns blazing, and blasting Vampires right and left, but NNNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!! The player is reduced to simply pointing and clicking on security cameras and activating Anti-Vampire Traps, that are simply trap doors with steam coming out, and these can only be activated by pressing the action button at the right time, which is next to impossible to figure out. This also begs to question, in the opening scene you see guys carrying guns, so if the objective of the game is to protect the co-eds from the Vampires, WHY NOT SEND IN THE GUYS WITH THE GUNS??????? The worst feature of the Gameplay is that the player is essentually removed from any aspect of the game, all you do is click on a camera and watch the events in the room with no option to intervine, the only time you get to do anything is when it comes time to catch the Vampires.

Another area this game screws up in, is it's atmosphere. Night Trap is suppose to be an interactive Horror Movie, however the atmosphere is about as scary as a day at the beach. For starters the setting is suppose to be the Martin House, and on the box you are lead to believe that it's a spooky old mansion on the outskirts of town. What you get instead looks more like Barbie's Dream House. The setting is essentually a newly built suberban beach house, with out a single hint of Vampiric possesson. While this would be okay, I mean who would suspect that the house is full of Vampires, it's destroyed by the game's most fatal flaw: Horrible Acting.

Night Trap is suppose to be an interactive movie, and what do you need to make any good movie: Talented Actors, and this game scraps the bottom of the barrel, every actor and actress in the game litterly let's it show they have no talent, and at times look like they're reading from Que Cards or have someone off screen telling them what to do. However the Razzie for Worst Prefromance in a Video Game has to go to the actors who played the Vampires/Augers. For the entire game all they do is hobble from room to room, and you simply have to catch them. Worse they don't even look like Vampires, they look more like burglers, and every so often they capture and try to kill one of the co-eds. The only time you ever see anything remotly resembling a Vampire is at the end, and once again horrible acting, and very bad dialogue ruin any sense of forbodding the game had.

In the end, Night Trap is one of the worst games ever made, the only saving grace it has is that it actually has Vampires in it, but you never see them until the end. It's a classic example of the FMV interactive movies that Sega wanted to use to make the Sega CD a hit, however they forgot that part of Interactive Movie is actually allowing the player to do something more then simply clicking on the screen and watching the character do everything, all that does is reduce the game to little more then a bad horror movie and if I wanted to watch a bad horror movie, I'd watch Manos the Hands of Fate. A game about vampires should simply involve going around blasting Vampires, not clicking on video screens and activating hidden bobby traps. In the end the only people who Night Trap will appeal to are fans of the FMV genre, Horror Movies and collectors.