Pretty intresting game to play........

User Rating: 9 | Nicktoons Unite! GC
Pretty satisfying game great graphics, good controls, but the music are ok I was actually almost tottaly stuck on a fairy odd parent level where I was on a cliff and I notice something there

so if you guys don't know how to get around the cliff on that first fairy odd parent level, use Spongebob and try to throw a bomb by pressing A to jump and then press that action button to throw the bomb and you know, it's also kind of against the cheats.

I think this game is better enough for kids 10 and under it might be kind of boaring for some Teens or parents if they don't care for games but may enjoy playing with their kids.

I have bought this for me and my 6-year old sister she sometimes himholl around trying to collect a lot of coins but she still likes it but she also kind of suck at it over some of the hard levels but when she felled off a cliff, she just was right about also die to if you run out of stamia but she didn't really had to know on purpose (If she does, we wouldn't have lost are save point)

We also sometimes play it for all day but since we bought a more cooler game called Super Smash Bros. We couldn't play it too much but once I turned 8-years old, I started hating a game on the sega genies and PC called "Zero wing" and when I threwed it away, my sister throwed my nicktoons unite away but now this year, our sega genies broke up we had one a long time ago I didn't cry but my sister almost did.