All four Nickelodeon characters team up to defeat the the evil Syndicate.

User Rating: 9.5 | Nicktoons Unite! GC
It starts off with Sponge-bob going to see Patrick when all of a sudden, Plankton talks through a microphone at a big gate. His henchman, driving in machines, kidnaps the residents of Bikini Bottom. Sponge-bob, knowing he can't do anything at this point, sees a portal with Goddard coming out of it. Goddard opens up the computer on his chest with a voice chat from Jimmy Neutron. Jimmy tells Sponge-bob to meet him at his lab so he can meet up with the other Nickelodeon characters. Then the adventure starts...

Game play:
Seems easy during the first few levels, but it will get challenging later on in the game. The boss battles are pretty good too. Sometimes there's some strategy during the game.

Smooth and Nice visuals. It makes the characters look well done. Level layout and design is great as well.

Music and Sound:
Characters voices are just perfect. Music matches the levels perfectly. The sound effects are pretty good as well.

Joystick for moving around, A or B for hitting, and X for jumping. There's also upgrades to unlock in the game in these pods. Obviously to get the right character in the pod, recognize the icon on top of the pod to get the right character.

Lasting Appeal:
It's a fun, and well done platform game with your favorite nickelodeon characters teaming up for the first time. 9 out of 10.