The Gameboy version was much better than this piece of crap.

User Rating: 5.5 | Nickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants & Friends: Unite! DS
The Good Aspects
You get to play as four of Nickelodeon's stars.
Powerups that you get are okay.

The Bad Aspects
Plankton, in my opinion, was WAY too hard because he kept sending jellyfish down at me.
The special power Timmy has should have replaced the bush...what the heck is the point of the bush anyway?
Some of the levels just made me want to throw my DS out the window.
Seriously...what's the point of the bush?

Nicktoons Unite! was a huge disappointment when I played it on my DS. The Gameboy version was a lot better than the load of crap they released for the DS. I mean it when I say it.
First of all, let me point out that some bosses, mainly Plankton, TICKED ME OFF! What the heck is with his jellyfish robot. And after you get to half way mark, Plankton literally flips UPSIDE DOWN. Why did he have to do that load of crap?!
I admit that most of the DS's levels were longer than that of the GBA's. It took me about 5 hours to beat the GBA version. But if your game doesn't even let you get past Plankton, then there's something wrong with the game. To make the level story short, some levels just made me so frustrated, I wanted to throw my DS in a blender and put it on high.
One thing that ticked me off so much was Timmy B move. When you hit B, Timmy hides in a bush. Now, in the GBA version of the game, he used his fairies' wands to turn enemies into pickups. Now, in the DS version, they got rid of one of the most useful moves in the game and instead, they made it a special power up that you can't even get without a pickup. What the heck THQ?
To make a short review even shorter, Nicktoons Unite! is bad news when you get it for DS. So don't buy the game. If you do, you just wasted you money on another worthless game that can't even beat the standards of games like Where's Waldo for the NES. If you want a Nicktoons Unite! game, buy it for GBA, GC, or PS2, because I can assure you that they're much better than the DS version.