not too bad just very boring.

User Rating: 4.5 | Nicktoons Unite! PS2
i haven't really played this game that much. i just couldn't get into it.

the story is rediculous.(even for a cartoon game)

at least in the first couple of levels there are very few different types of enemies.

the characters (spongebob, jimmy neutron, danny phantom, and timmy turner) don't really look right together.

the controls are ok...i guess.

the graphics are slightly below average.

it's easy even for a kids game.

the main thing that makes this game bad: it is very boring.

i don't know whats with all these games that use all these cartoon characters from completely different shows and put them all in one game. it just doesn't look right. jimmy neutron is a 3D show while fairly odd parents and danny phantom are 2D and spongebob is sort of in the middle. its like puting simpsons, family guy, and south park in one game. it kind of sounds cool if its on a tv show but it wouldn't work because south park looks different from family guy and simpsons just as spongebob looks different from jimmy neutron.

i don't really recommend this game. it's not that bad but it's boring.