A very good combination of 4 nickelodeon shows.

User Rating: 8 | Nicktoons Unite! PS2
Nickonns Unite! or Spongebob and Friends in Europe, is a good combination of Spongebob, Fairly Odd Parents, Jimmy Neutron and Danny Phantom.

The Good:
-4 Excellent Shows brought together in one game
-Fun Boss Levels
-Funny cutscenes and Dialogue
-Long and Challenging, unlike most other Nickelodeon Games

The Bad:
-Only 4 Playable Characters
-Camera is annoying

Well, each character has their own unique weapons, some of which are seen in the show. The Best characetr to play as is Danny Phantom because he can control the bodies of enemies, walk through walls, and more. Spongebob, Timmy and Jimmy are fun to play as aswell. But the sad thing is that characters tlike Patrick, Sandy, Cosmo and Wanda eg. are not playable, and they would be fun characetrs to be. You must fight boss battles with Crocker, Vlad, Plankton and Calamitus, and those boss battles are pretty fun. Cutscenes are funny.