A very bad game

User Rating: 5.5 | Nicktoons Unite! GC
absolutely horrible. The game takes 4 characters, jimmy nutron( took place in horribly designed games before this one,) Danny Phantom (a child's fad movie that makes up lies about teenager's daily lifes, and, like the shows that came before it, will soon probably be out of business,) Timmy Turner ( annoying child's show,) and Sponge bob, who is the only character who makes this game sound worthwhile.

Gameplay- horrible, you can start playin but it makes you play nonstop, and you move through poorly designed rooms with stepping stones that are too hard to step on. You play as four characters, and you do absolutely nothing that you could find fun.

Graphics- poor, and hard to understand sum of the backround obgects, absolutely unimpressive.

value and tilt- no reason to be pulled in, and if you were, you would be thrown out 2 minutes later.

Overall, dont play it!