My eight year old has fun playing it; almost as much fun as I get out out of watching him play!

User Rating: 8 | Nicktoons Unite! PS2
The puzzles appear to be challenging enough for him at this point. They make him think a little bit about what he needs to do in order to achieve the task at hand. Sometimes he gets stumped on finding the solution. That is when I tell him to put down the controller, look at all the objects in the area, and consider what tools/weapons might affect each object. That approach usually ends with success. If he applies his new strategy, and finds that after repeated attempts that he is without success, I will lend him a hand and offer him some of my ideas on how to solve/defeat that particular problem. (He usually figures it out by himself.)

The story line is good. It weaves in and out of the particular places that are located in each cartoon locale. The graphics are nice, as is the artwork that went into it. We both like the way the game looks and plays out.

I myself find the musical soundtrack to be rather pleasing, as it appears to be classical music. The sound effects are way cool, too. Overall, we think this is a good game.

We both look forward to playing the game, (after all of his homework, chores, etc., are completed, of course). He is rewarded for his good deeds by being able to play this game, with his Dad cheering him on.

I give it two Dad thumbs up!