Not the greatest game made but can have its moments

User Rating: 7 | Nicktoons Unite! GC
I'll get down to the point, this game isnt as fun as many other games out there. I played it and beat it with my sister. During the game I just had one thought in my mind..."Come on, we need to hurry up and beat this thing".
I did not like it too much but it did have its perks.

I thought that the upgrade system was pretty cool and so were the boss battles....after that I can't think of anything else. The fighting was weird and the teamwork stuff didn't really amaze me. It was pretty much one of those multiplayer games were everyone is helping out in a very boring way.

This game isn't very fun to play and only younger kids should play it...if they can understand the teamwork. It might even be funner if you got more people to play other than two people.

Bottom line, don't get it unless you are a kid or a diehard nicktoon fan.