4 nicktoons meeting eachother for the first time, OMG!

User Rating: 6.5 | Nicktoons Unite! PS2
the idea for this game is the best i have ever heard of. the four nicktoons working together! this game sounds beter then sonic heros already! this game is very fun and is perfecto for any thq nick fankid. the story is 4 EVIL nicktoon villiens team up to make, THE DOOMSDAY DEVICE! so jimmy newtron teams up ghost boy the bucked tooth kid and the kittchen sponge to stop em'. the game takes place in each players world. each world has 3 levels (minus the 3rd and last world) and a, BOSS FIGHT! each nicktoon has his own special abilaties to get to point a to b. the worlds usealy has a objective that you need to obtain like kill the zombies or hit the switchs. also in this game if you have saved game data from tak and the juju chalenge, barnyard, or spongebob lights, camera, action (i will do a review for that game) you can unlock extras. the verdect is if your a kid under 11 rent it and have some fun with it.