spoiler free review of this breath taking game

User Rating: 9.5 | Ninokuni: Shiroki Seihai no Joou PS3
Ni No Kuni is like playing a story book, its absolutely a beautiful game.

When you start the game you can pick to use the Original sound track from Japan or use one of the many other languages on the disc.

Many Hardcore JRPG fans will be very happy to do this. However i did not think it was needed. They did a great job with the English voice acting.

Many Character have a charming English or Scottish accent and to me that helps it feel like a tale from the ye old days.

The games has great anime cut scenes that still stay close to what the game looks like.

The game it's self is beautiful in both graphics and in music. They really put a lot of work in to make you feel like you are in a story book world.

The story is very long and you can spend 40 hours on it. So you really are getting your moneys worth on it.

Its got some pretty standard RPG play and even some elements that are like pokemon.

If you are into Japanese style RPGS you will most likly love this game. it will be one of the most memorable games for the ps3. Not many great JRPGS have come out this gen so this is a must have