Great story, with strange translation and difficulty

User Rating: 8 | Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch PS3

The game has a beautiful animation provided by studio Ghibli, and is accompanied by music from mister Joe Hisaishi that are booth giving it a dream like feeling. Yet due to quite easy difficulty its hard to see the gaming mechanic (I found out just around the end - else it was quite easy, with a little bit of grinding I didn’t have almost any problems (I died once when I went to investigate a island that I should apparently ignore:) ).

Second thing that bothered me was translation. I understand that it was done done in an attempt to make things more fairytale like, but still I liked the original version a lot more, plus some changes were in my eyes lacking sense (why was Pea renamed from Kokoro - e.g. heart? Calling her Sweetheart or Heart would be more logical).

Nevertheless I was happy I could play this game and enjoyed it a lot.