Great JPG. Long game. No long story

User Rating: 9 | Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch PS3

This is one of those game that you get involved in the story and want to get to the end to solve it.

There are many things I like about the game.

The story is very engaging. The gameplay is great, the battle system is very enjoyable. The music is very well done.

The complex Familiars (creatures that helps you in battles) are a good addition to the game.

Characters and voice acting are excellent.

The only things that I would change a little are:

- Take more time level up the characters that completing the main story. I beat the game in 70 hours in around level 72. I haven't completed all the errands, just all the bounds. In additions more than 100 side quests. Given the story I would say that 40 hours would be just fine.

This game is like for child oriented. However, you may enjoy the game alike. At first I was not very convince on playing this game but know I really happy for having played it.

Highly recommended. Just take in consideration that the game is +60 hours to beat the main story in Normal Difficulty leveling your character at least at 65, needed to beat the final bosses.

Thanks for reading.