Should I play in Japanese or English?

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Usually when there's the option I like to go with the original language, but when the dub is really good I sometimes end up preferring it (like Howl's Moving Castle).  How would you rate the English voice acting, and if you've listened to a bit of both the English and Japanese, which do you prefer?

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The English voice acting is really well done, if you're like me and I think you are since you prefer anime in Japanese but Ghibli films in English, you'll enjoy it a lot. I like Oliver's Welsh accent.

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The translation is awesome, and the voice acting is awesome. This is one of the real strengths of the game (among about a gazillion other strengths). Go with English dude. Trust me, I'm a guy that loves foreign movies and won't watch them unless they're in their original language with subtitles, but this game is really well done. I cannot say enough about this game... It's going to bring back JRPGs!

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I'm an anime watcher and a firm believer in the fact that if it originates from another country, then listen to it in their native language.  BUT...the subtitles are written for the English audio.  So if you have a moderate grasp of the Japanese language you will get annoyed with the mis-translations that pop up from time to time in the beginning and then more often later in the game.  

The biggest offender? Names.  Myrtle? No, she's Sheri.  Philip? Rick/Riku. 

Also having to read the subtitles based on a Welsh accent while listening to a Kansai dialect is a bit distracting....and annoying when you see "Tidy!" or "En'it" or whatever it is.  It's like Naruto and the "Believe it!" crap. 


But like the others have mentioned, the English voices are superb, and since the subtitles match the English audio I would recommend going with that.  Unless you're ok with the Japanese audio not matching up more than half the time from the subtitles. 

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Thanks, everyone! Looks like I'll be going with the English.