Opinions about end or near-end (Spoilers obviously)

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Is it just me, or was the ending extremely unsatisfying? It just kind of... fizzled out. The celebration after Shadar was defeated was much better, but after the last boss dies it just kind of ends with some lame lines. Not to mention Oliver going home.. to what? That was something I didn't get, did the neighbors just think he was living home alone supporting himself? (It didn't bother me, just kind of funny) Also, starting at about the second half of the game I kept looking forward to more animated cut-scenes, but none really happened. Not even at the end, what the hell? The beginning spoiled me with those haha. :(
Any other thoughts on the end? Don't get me wrong, I loved the game and was completely enthralled through most of it. Maybe it was just so long that that went away.

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YEAH! for sure! like when it ended at shadar, i was ready to turn off my ps3, call it the night and feel accomplished... but then when the white witch came, it kind of just dragged on.. and also, i wished they had more animated cut-scenes rather than just speech bubbles, kinda bored me after a while.. and i was hoping to feel somewhat sad because of the game story or because it's finished, but nope, the ending was kind of anti climatic if you ask me,,, like it just didnt seem like all the hype it was from the cut scenes prior you enter the white witch's castle... idk.