Early-mid game Familiar discussion/concerns

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I typically enjoy being ahead of the curve in games even if they are single player like Ni No Kuni, so upon starting I figured out what are the strongest early game familiars.

After looking into it it turned out to be Little Bighorn, Naja, and Shonky Honk for Oliver. I also got Bonehead and a Shrimp (forgot the familiar name) Now, acquiring all of these wasn't that easy and took a lot of time (Especially the honk, 58 kills for an already rare to find familiar for early game) but none of them still feel more powerful than my Mite and they are all in the same level range. Naja hits hard, but gets "stunned" a lot via throwing it's head back when hit while the Mite has a leap and never gets a mini stun, the now Bighorn is too slow and has a very tiny leap and is running around more than actually attacking. Will these familiars ever surpass my Mite?

Or do I just have to wait till late game and grind the Dino and other familiars? I don't want all this effort to go to waste. Also, what were your favorites and what do you believe to be the stronger early-mid game familiars? Thanks.

I want to have a familiar surpass my mitey and I have gotten every single "strong" early familiar and the Mitey is still stronger. Why?  

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Little bighorn is pretty much useless in my opinion. He is slow and weak. Not sure about the other ones you mentioned since I've never used them myself.

I'm level 30 at the moment and I find Mitey somewhat useful. Though he is getting noticeably weaker compared to other familiars.

I recently switched him for Cutpurrse, way more damage but lower defense. For tanking I use monolith, he is pretty much impossible to kill due to his insanely high defense. And I use Esters bird creature for healing and damage.

I really don't know why everyone hates Mitey, he is a decent damage dealer with good defense. Personally I don't think it's necessary to replace him early on in the game.