Can't wait!!!

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Anyone else think an rpg with studio ghibli artwork is long overdue?!?!?! This game better not be a bust - I will be crazy letdown!!!! Ive been waiting since any first announced it...

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I would actually love to see see an RPG set in the world of Spirited Away. It doesn't have to have Chihiro in it maybe a new character.


I'm just happy to see a REAL RPG, the fact it's studio Ghbli is a big plus too. Oh world map screen how I've missed you. As much as we all LOVE travelling the world via menu screens so we don't have to do all that icky exploration stuff that RPGs are known for, I think I'll make do with the good old top down world map.

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I agree. It's been years since I've seen an RPG like this and I'm looking forward to it. It's really nice to finally have a real world map again.

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I loved the demo. When I was playing it, I really felt like I was playing a Studio Ghibli masterpiece. I mean the music was like something out of spirited away. Which isn't surprising considering Joe Hisaishi, who was behind the music in spirited away, did the music for this game. I can't wait for this game. Well, guess I'll have to play the demo some more to tide me over.

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Just payed off my copy lastnight.
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I also excited about this game, has been ages seems i last played a good JRPG  :D

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Agreed.  This may end the drought.  

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THis is a trow back to the good ole days. TO bad i have to wait untill firday :cry:

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Well.. Looks like since I originally posted this comment that this game has finally come out to unanimous critical acclaim. And boy is it well deserved - Best pure rpg I have played in ages!!!!!!!!!

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Are you actually playing? I've been checking the game availability in some stores around the south of England and none of them are selling it yet. I already have reliable information about some Spanish stores that are currently receiving it, but nothing here. And I really can't wait!
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I'm in America it's very easy to get a copy where I live. but it is in high demand (esp for a jrpg) 

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Not many copies in my area, my nephew told me that Target had like 4 or 5 behind the shelf, then my brother went up there later and they only had the ones on display. I felt bad cause his copy had a dent in it, I told him to return it but he didn't care lol..
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I know you have to wait a couple weeks shipping if you order from amazon usually u can get it day one from them. Let me just say 20 or so hours in its worth the wait.