About capturing/evolving familiars

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So we all noticed that capturing familiars is inspired on the pokemon series.

My question is if capturing an already evolved familiar is better/worse than capturing a non-evolved familiar and evolving it yourself? If the game's like pokemon in this aspect, then capturing a non-evolved one and evolve it yourself leads to better stats. But i'm not sure, and that's why i'm here...

Thank you for your time.

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Well, Anyone? I wish to know to...

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I am interested in this game. So familiars do evolve? how does that work?
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i'm playing the game and i think, you can tame familiars on basic form(1st form). Then its up to you to train, feed and evolve them. So far i haven't encountered 2nd forms(evolved versions) of my current familiars.
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  I have currently captured most of the familiars and several have been caught at 2nd or 3rd metamorphoses. However, I have only raised a couple of them due to seemingly weak stats. Even on the Dino, one of the strongest familiars in the game. So, to answer your questions.

1. Yes, I am pretty confident that training a familiar from 1st form is the better route in terms of stats.

2. Yes, you can capture 2nd and 3rd evolved forms of most familiars.


Hope this helps :)