NHLPA Hockey 93 Cheats For Genesis

  1. No opposition Goalie

    Plug a second controller into the machine. Select your teams as normal. Once in the game, pause the game with the second contoller. Move the cursor to 'Change Goalie', and select 'No Goalie'.

    Contributed by: stonedwal 

  2. Edit the opposition's line for them

    Plug a second pad into the machine. Play a game as normal. Once you are into the game, pause using the second pad. Move the cursor down to 'Edit Lines', and now you can mess with the opposition's lines.

    Contributed by: stonedwal 

  3. 30-second Periods

    At the Stats Report page hold A+C then press Start and keep holding A+C until the face off. If done correctly then the period time is reduced to 30 seconds.

    Contributed by: 128-bit_gamer 

NHLPA Hockey 93 Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Easy Goal

    Skate behind the opponent's net, and go left to right. The goalie will be stuck on one side. Skate out in front, and fire for an easy goal.

    Contributed by: RJLilley 

  2. Passwords

    Effect Effect
    D2JFJSNPP33HC6DN Chicago vs. Boston, Final Round
    D152Y23X87NXLV32 Chicago vs. Minnesota, Second Round
    D2B7K5NGRPH4DKHZ Chicago vs. Vancouver, Third Round
    FHNCGK835RLMPT5P Montreal vs. Boston, Final Round
    F4OCRB8ZP631FNK8 Montreal vs. Boston, Second Round
    F5BNDGGC28TMY68B Montreal vs. Chicago, Final Round
    BWBFFMCD8NJHHW18 Montreal vs. Hartford, Second Round
    BWHKPD6X4PWVC57H Montreal vs. Long Island, Third Round
    BWNSMO6434F6CT36 Montreal vs. Minnesota, Final Round
    F45H7166PF6S441M Montreal vs. New Jersey, Third Round
    HFKSH66HGRPH4DL7 New York vs. Boston, Third Round
    HFRYWR81X88115Y8 New York vs. St. Louis, Final Round
    HFDL41RN4GLP5W25 New York vs. Washington, Second Round
    HFG6P33771OYVXDB Vancouver vs. Detroit, Third Round
    HD9121KPTK5P15OF Vancouver vs. Los Angeles, Second Round
    F446LTVTHBNLZK9Y Winnipeg vs. Chicago, Third Round
    F5BCB8ONDO79VH29 Winnipeg vs. Quebec, Final Round
    F4Z123XKH3KV73WK Winnipeg vs. Vancouver, Second Round

    Contributed by: Retro, RJLilley 

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