NHL '94 Cheats For Genesis

  1. 30 second periods

    Hold A + C when you turn on your Genesis. Hold these buttons until you reach the Edit Lines screen. If you did it right, the time box will read :30.

    Contributed by: DarknessofFate 

  2. choose computer's goalie

    To activate, hold A + B while turning on the Genesis. Continue to hold these buttons until you pass the Stevens/Yzerman screen. When you reach the screen before the face-off, use Controller Two to select the computer's goalie. You can even pick no goalie and leave your opponent helpless!

    Contributed by: DarknessofFate 

  3. Instant healing

    If a player gets injured, pause the game, then select the TIMEOUT option. Your player will return to the game unharmed.

    Contributed by: DarknessofFate 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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General FAQs FAQ by Picardoh 19K
General FAQs FAQ by CDBavg400 11K

NHL '94 Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Passwords

    Effect Effect
    C40DPDDP79PDD9R5 Boston Bruins
    DBLP4NDSR30LZLNJ Chicago vs. Boston, Round 4
    FTBJZ8R1XRT67RWF Florida Panthers
    HL6N42ZD3F44SNSH Mighty Ducks
    CSOK8M86DY2GH79X New Jersey Devils
    HZ2ZTRJ50M2HR879 Ottawa Senators
    DWX4BM0PGBXLVW01 Pittsburgh Penguins
    G785443KBYKM2YF3 San Jose Sharks
    BJFC1CCM1XX9VJDG Stanley Cup Finals, LA Kings vs. Montreal
    FZSPR8BXNNR21T2S Washington Capitols
    CZLX3SJFVTYLGS1F Winnipeg Jets

    Contributed by: Retro, nintendoer9999, MI4 REAL 

  2. Team Codes for Ottawa Senators

    Codes can be entered from the Continue Playoffs option

    Effect Effect
    DHSSX0BKMTN5730J Eastern Conference Finals (Buffalo Sabres)
    DHLMKYRWF8VW0BCZ Eastern Conference Semi-Finals (New York Islanders)
    DHYX2DKR1L811567 Stanley Cup Finals (Los Angeles Kings)

    Contributed by: RappinHobo9292 

  3. Pittsburgh Penguins Playoff Codes

    At the "Cont. Playoffs" screen, you will be prompted to enter a password.

    Effect Effect
    CL2JOOS319P631V4 Pittsburgh 0 Buffalo 0 (Conference Finals)
    CL7N5DO9F392X32V Pittsburgh 0 Chicago 0 (Stanley Cup Finals)
    CLXC9NHB9CCOYVOX Pittsburgh 0 New Jersey 0 (2nd Round)
    CMKYW9GWW1VLB2N2 Pittsburgh 0 New Jersey 1 (2nd Round)
    CMR3LMSNDLXYP59K Pittsburgh 1 Buffalo 0 (Conference Finals)
    CM8HGYFS62XZY64K Pittsburgh 1 New Jersey 1 (2nd Round)
    CNFM58R5Z17JCT6B Pittsburgh 2 Buffalo 0 (Conference Finals)
    CNY12KDNR3K8LGX2 Pittsburgh 2 New Jersey 1 (2nd Round)
    CM3B915V47K04FCY Pittsburgh 2 Quebec 0 (1st Round)
    CN36SXRRBCD7ZZMS Pittsburgh 3 Buffalo 0 (Conference FInals)
    CPMLM6CJ868J7RPK Pittsburgh 3 New Jersey 1 (2nd Round)
    CNSXXN5CRY57KK7K Pittsburgh 3 Quebec 0 (1st Round)

    Contributed by: SeanSawx05 

  4. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Playoff Passwords

    NHL 94 (Super Nintendo) - Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Best of 7s http://youtu.be/B39AOG00thw

    Effect Effect
    H17W8L584R3WHHY8 VS. BOS 2-0
    H2YFV745GX54DJ2N7 VS. BOS 3-0
    H1C4RC650WX8LGVW VS. DET 1-0
    H12N9O52JSGKG4VZ VS. DET 2-0
    H2R7XM4Y2MOWCTV2 VS. DET 3-0
    H1RDWLW4N467TCJH VS. LAK 2-0
    H2DZF7WN2M293D66 VS. LAK 3-0
    H060FGH7VPMVHW2K VS. WPG 1-0
    H1XJO3G44P85R89D VS. WPG 2-0
    H0PK4R79G0CZPTVS VS. WPG 4-0

    Contributed by: mike_gastonguay 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
General FAQs FAQ by Picardoh 19K

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
General FAQs FAQ by Picardoh 19K
General FAQs FAQ by CDBavg400 11K