Good game, better than other current hockey games out there, but be prepared to learn some controls.

User Rating: 8 | NHL 2K8 PS2
Other hockey games like EA's releases to date have never really had a good feel to them, your player seems to be attached to a pole and only skates in 4 directions. NHL 2k8 is much more fluid control and better control moves, if you can remember the buttons. In some cases its like a fighting game where you have to memorize combo's and the like but it does give you an option to select classic controls but remember, this will make the controls listed in the manual useless. You can actually use the manual goalie and in most cases, this is very useful in preventing a goal against.

Graphically this game looks very good for a PS2 release and I love the new camera angles. The overhead cam is directly above the play and you can adjust the zoom, NHL 94 anyone?

The music is kind of annoying as I for one hate some of the songs but you can de-select them but for some reason they keep playing in the menus but are shut off in the game.

By all means pick up this game for $20 over the PS3 version.