Basically the same game, not any significant changes, good realistic game overall

User Rating: 8.5 | NHL 2K8 PS2
Well, almost nothing changed in the actual game play
iv played over 150 games of the NHL 2k7, and about 10 games of the 2k8
same few glitches are there, same graphics, same player motions and goalie animation. The only noticeable changes are the in game sound effects and maybe the few extra lines for the commentator. The in game power play is improved but it isn't too noticeable. Some new logos are in there but i'm not sure the rest of them will come even after the uniform update (which we have to unlock in late September or so).
Franchise mode has only slightly improved, as a salary cap is added. The playoff mode is still non existent, only the tournament mode. The party mode is still there and, although it's very fun, it's the exact same thing and hasn't been improved at all. New all star moves are all right, not too revolutionary. Other than that, the game is still the best hockey simulation for ps2 and is by far more realistic than the ea sports version. Its realism is what makes it worth playing, as it resembles real NHL games.