Lots of potential, but fails to deliver the same experience that 2k7 provided.

User Rating: 7 | NHL 2K8 X360
After playing for about 5 hours I'm still not completely used to the new controls but I can comment on alot of the features of the game. I would like to add that I've played well over 200 games of 2k7, so I am no rookie to 2k hockey games.

One thing i have noticed is that apparently someone forgot that when you shoot the puck, the impact of your stick on the puck makes a sound. Because this sound is non existent. Also if your wondering what hitting the post sounds like, well thats easy, it doesnt make a sound either. The framerate online is horrible. It runs fine playing single player, but everyone ive played online the framerate has been lackluster.

Superstar moves - interesting concept, but little to no functionality. If you can actually get your player to hit the net when you pull a move off thats an accomplishment in its own. But these moves rarely fake out the goaltender so why even bother?

This game just looks like there was no effort put into it. I was playing San Jose, and Joe Thornton's player picture came up and it was STILL the picture he took when he was on Boston. How does something like that make it into a game 2 years later? If you played alot of 2k7, then you probably noticed there was a bug with last minute real time, and that injuries didnt work online. So did 2k solve these issues this year? No, they just removed the features completely. Again, lack of effort.

I will say that the controls take alot of effort to get used to, you basically have to play with both index and middle fingers on the bumpers/triggers in order to be able to use everything. If you can find a way to feel comfortable playing like that you will fit right in.

I have been a fan of 2k hockey for a long time, but this game has really disappointed me and that really had to require alot of effort.

One positive aspect of the game is that the goalies are great! There are lots of new animations and they are really intelligent. 2K8 has much improved AI and excellent player models, but really falls short in the gameplay aspect which they are known to really deliver. What happened this year 2k?