This game is totally awesome. I recommend everyone to play this game because the gameplay is fantastic.

User Rating: 9.4 | NHL 2K6 XBOX
This has got to be the best hockey game ever because not only are the graphics amazing but so is everything else. There is mini games to play and season mode to play full seasons with your favorite teams. It allows to change all of the NHL rosters to your liking and it saves your changes even for the next time you play. There is franchise mode where you can play much more than 1 season, you can trade for draft picks, sign your own coaching staff and scout surrounding continents for good, young NHL talent. This is one fantastic game although I did not give it a perfect 10 just because you cant play as the minor league team but there is so much stuff to do on the game it does not bother me much. As I said, this game is great and everyone should at least rent it to try out some great NHL action that you have great influence in (unlike the real thing...).