Unlike 2K11, this game actually gets pretty good once you get the hang of it.

User Rating: 8 | NHL 2K10 WII
I'm gonna say it right away: this game is hard. I'm still playing with rookie skill level+some customized levels(making it easier for me), and even though I've been playing many of the PC NHL games, mostly 09, for several years, I've only won 2 of like 10 games. I liked the idea of having the chance to use the classic controller too, but that was somewhat.. stub. Well enough of the classic controller now, the motion controls make the game. There are always some moves that the game misses(I dunno about motion+ as I haven't played this game with one yet, need to get one though) but it shouldn't completely ruin the experience. Compared to the PC/360/PS versions of the series this is a completely different game, as you actually get the feeling you're in the rink yourself.

The graphics can be a little low-tech at a first glance, but you'll eventually get used to it. The goalies of the game actually make the saves now and don't just stand there like in PC's NHL 09. Many new miniature features are also added, such as a shot flying to the crowd from a blocked shot, fights being more realistic etc. There's also the possibility to get a penalty even when the opposing team is going to have a delayed penalty. Scoring has been made much harder, and you will never see those ridiculous 15-0 games again, although that can be a little messed up at times when the enemies seem to be getting every shot in. Shot blocking also takes time to get used to. Another great addition to the game is that you can now skate backwards with just one additional button, and that should make shot blocking a bit easier.

When I first got my hands on this game I was thinking like oh well, I can always play on the PC, but then I just somehow wanted to play it again and boy how good game it was after all. You won't be getting a game like this for any other console, nor can you get it on the PC, so go and buy one now! It can, and probably will, get somewhat frustrating but once you've played a few games you'll have a different point of view.