If you had a choice between 2k10 and nhl 08 in a used bin....go with nhl 08

User Rating: 1 | NHL 2K10 X360
This game is horrible. I Havent played a 2K hockey game since 2k6 on the original xbox. There was so much hype so i gave it a try. First thing i did was score 8 goals in one period. The final score was me 17 computer 6. Played with a friend score was 13 10 for me. The biggest glitch goal ever is in the game. All you have to do is do a one timer high glove side on any goalie and it will go in 98 percent of the time. What a waste of money.....and i rented it. Go with 09. Heck go with 07 if you have no other choice.

There are a couple good things though. The players look good and the presentation is decent. In the end it felt like thats all 2k worked on. No gameplay change what so ever. Only fun i have more in this game than 09 is fighting....and thats even barely..................